We only sell authentic sneakers, we do not sell the same color sneaker twice.

Delight customers with the highest quality results

Provide sneakers after sales maintenance service

To give a longer life and an honorable disposal.

We at Sneaker Wash

Taking cleaning to another level.

At sneaker wash Eswatini we provide sneakers after sales maintenance services, just like your car if you don’t service and maintain it accordingly it will depreciate faster, it will not look good, it will start smelling and eventually “die”.

Our job is to give your sneakers a fresh smell and clean new look at all times, a longer life and an honorable disposal.


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we believe that proper shoe care is all about cleaning, protecting and restoring your sneakers.

Honorable Disposal Unit

A charity campaign

The honorable disposal unit is a charity campaign where we collect old, slightly damaged or torn sneakers, shoes and clothes to be repaired and then donated to the needy and poor identified by our special charity unit around the Kingdom of Eswatini.

The charity unit has been branded #SicaftuloAngisakufuni and we travel around the Kingdom identifying people, families and areas where we can lend a helping hand through donations of what we collect from you. We will be placing #SicaftoloAngisakufuni branded bins around the Kingdom at grocery shops, shopping complexes, malls filling stations etc wherever we will get permission for you dump you old sneakers, shoes and sandals or anything else that you want to donate we will find a suitable candidate for it and it will not go to waste.

Quality cleaning with a personal touch.

Caring beyond cleaning.

We are based in Manzin Fairview South next to St Pauls High School Eswatini, you can find us on Google maps by searching “Sneaker Wash Eswatini” or use the map below